Just Feel The Rain

The present moment is elusive.

Being the busy bodies that we are, we often do not experience the whole reality of living. Instead of being in the moment, we are focused on future problems or past failures. We spend our lives mentally living out how we hope the big presentation at work will go tomorrow. We are all too easily caught mulling over what we could have said during an argument, instead of being here, now.

At any given moment, your brain is running at 1,000 miles per minute. That object between your head is the organic functional equivalent of a computer. With over 100 BILLION neurons between your ears, you have a lot of connections to contend with.

It makes sense that we spend a lot of time carried away, lost in thought. But that doesn’t mean it is good for us. We let our animal minds hijack higher brain function and we get stuck in the feedback loop of following whatever our mind switches too.

This constant chasing of the next thought is detrimental to our mental state. It doesn’t allow us to focus. We become like a dog chasing our own tail, constantly engaged in activity, never moving anywhere meaningful.

In my last post, I wrote about how life is either a daring adventure or nothing. When I say that, it’s meant to get you dreaming about what your life could be if you followed the examples of Thor Heyerdahl or Richard Branson when they made daring expeditions.

However, this emphasis on planning and adventure means nothing if you cannot enjoy the present moment. It means nothing if you travel to Lima, Peru if you spend the entire trip thinking about when you will return home.

The only true moment you have is the one passing you by right now. All you are able to experience is the present moment. You will always be losing time. The clock is always ticking.

Tick tock.

Tick tock.

But when you focus on the present moment, you slow this clock. Instead of being placed in a state of angst for the future or melancholy about the past. You place yourself in control of what truly matters. The now. You feel the wind on your skin. You feel the heat of the sun. You smell the roses because you are here.

It’s so easy to get lost in thought and get worked up about the smallest impediment to your day. The car doesn’t start and suddenly your entire existence is thrown into disarray. But I promise you, when you work on living in the present moment, all these minor problems are just that, minor. Insignificant. Relative.

It’s okay if its raining. The problem isn’t the rain. It’s your attitude towards the rain. Stop worrying about getting wet and just feel the rain.

You live moment to moment anyway, why not try to feel the life inside you while it’s still there.


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